At Peatchey Pies, we have been making homemade pies in our butcher's shop since we first opened our doors, back in 1984.
They are a true labour of love and something we take great pride in.
We've been using the same recipe and fresh ingredients for our pies from the very first day we opened, to the ones we sell today. Each pie is handmade and full to the brim with delicious fillings. It's no wonder these pies are so popular and always a menu favourite! 
All of our meat is selected and prepared by our highly-skilled butchers to ensure we are offering our clientele the best final product. Our aim is to provide the UK's highest quality pies, this is why we are branching out from the local butcher's shop to our pop up street food stall to the markets across London.

Bringing   something fresh to the table

Baked Fresh All Day, Everyday

Two Delicious Flavours

Guaranteed Quality In Every Pie

Only Fresh Ingredients

Handmade Every Single Day



Lovingly crafted by hand each day by our skilled butchers. It doesn't get much fresher than that

Peatchey Butchers Ltd.

25 The Grangeway

Winchmore Hill

London, N21 2HD


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